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Summer Style ft. Steve McQueen

He's called the King of Cool for his unapologetic, effortless swagger, but Steve McQueen was a man who knew how to dress, too. Steve is the ultimate style icon. He exuded confidence and ease whether in biking gear or a three-piece suit. Style staples inspired by Steve are perfect for the hardworking, hard-playing man, but classic blue jeans and white t-shirt aside, he also liked to mix in funky signatures that reflected his individuality. Get inspired and find your own go-tos.


Steve was an active and adventurous guy who loved fast cars and motorcycles and preferred to do his own stunts. Many of his style choices are influenced by classic motorist uniforms and sportswear. Famously, he often wore a tartan-lined Baracuta G9 Harrington, linked below.

Signature Shades

Every man is instantly elevated with a great pair of sunglasses. Go beyond the standard shapes and choose something classic with a little personality. McQueen wore the Persol 714s, linked below.

Layering Button-Down

Button up when the sun goes down. The iconic Jac-Shirt from Filson is a great summer night layer: Masculine and versatile.

Good Pants

McQueen helped elevate denim from rugged American workwear to style staple. He also frequently wore chinos and white jeans. Bonus points for denim-on-denim; Steve wasn't above a Canadian tuxedo.

Leather Jacket

A motorcyclist staple and a look forever associated with McQueen thanks to his legendary character Hilts in The Great Escape (1963),

Fresh White Sneakers

Steve was not afraid to wear out a pair of white sneakers. They look even better with a little dirt on 'em. He was also a fan of good multipurpose leather boots.

Sweater Weather

Our man loved himself a sweater. For a tough guy, Steve McQueen had a closet full of knits. Bring this look back with a good old-fashioned shawl-neck.

Classic T-Shirt

We operate under the assumption that when you live well, you look good. That's the ethos of Boy Howdy. Check out a few Steve-inspired favorites. We make the clothes, you make them cool.

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