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Picture source: Tumblr

Jewelry is the classic Valentine's Day gift for a reason: It's sentimental, sweet, and something she can wear every day. This heart-shaped collection puts a Western spin on a traditional Valentine.

Rich, smoky, all-natural, this unisex scent is the perfect romantic gift.

The best-smelling, most luxurious and long-lasting candles we've ever found.

Toast another year of love with these lovely hand-blown tumblrs made by glassblowers in Mexico.

Delicious, low-sugar candy that tastes as good (if not better) than your old favorites.

These cute, comfy, boyish sets will make her day.

There's nothing more romantic than a home-cooked Italian dinner. Order quality ingredients shipped anywhere from this incredible online purveyor of fine Italian foods.

Your love's favorite albums on vinyl and a record player to spin them: What could be more romantic?

Upgrade the usual bouquet with a gorgeous gift that will last much longer.

A wearable Valentine for your cowboy/cowgirl from your buddies at Boy Howdy! What could be better?


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