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GIFT GUIDE: Gifts for (and by) Real Guys

Let's be honest: Guys are hard to gift. If you're a guy reading this, you might not even know what you want for Christmas. So I decided to make a big list. I posted on my Instagram and asked guys, "What's the best gift you've EVER received?" And this is what they said..

Guys who love hunting love KUIU. This company makes no-nonsense gear and simplifies the process of building a great hunting closet with their easy-to-choose options. Good looking and hardworking gear guys love!

A couple of respondents mentioned they especially appreciated a great leather jacket or boots. This brand sells excellent high-end items if you want a real treat for your man, Americana-style.

A couple of years back, any guy I asked would have HATED the idea of wearing Lululemon. Now, all the most stylish and athletic guys I know swear by their Lululemon. They love the comfortable, quality feel and the great guarantees. The ABC Pants, thermal shirts, and 5 Year Basic Tee are a few standouts.

Dudes love tools. If your guy is super handy (or wants to be) and is always borrowing tools from the neighbor, surprise him with his own! This gift was recommended by a wifey who said her man calls this his all-time favorite Christmas present.

Some guys mentioned that they love getting nice sunglasses for Christmas. I really like these by Von Zipper.

My badass country boy ex-Marine friend Dan swears by this specific knife. If it's good enough for Dan, it's good enough for anybody.

A couple guys listed their Apple Watch as their favorite gift. He can track his steps, get his texts, control his music, and look real slick and techy.

One cowboy told me his all-time favorite gift was a wild rag with his brand embroidered on it. Spruce it up with a silver scarf tie.

My friend Tyler said his Yeti cooler is one of his all-time favorite and most-used gifts. These coolers are cool and good-looking and useful and a little bit spendy, the ingredients of a great gift.

You mean men like cooking meats over an open flame? This is BRAND NEW INFORMATION.

If all else fails, you really can't go wrong with a gift card so he can pick out whatever he wants from Boy Heaven, aka the Bass Pro Shop baby.

Lots of guys told me they love when their lady buys them clothes for Christmas because they hate shopping. The best item for a guy when you're in doubt has to be a great t-shirt. Check out these favorites from Boy Howdy! We sell 'em small batch so grab them while they last!

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