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Cold Weather Style ft. Paul Newman

Paul Newman had swag. If you only know him from salad dressing bottles, watch Cool Hand Luke and Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid this weekend. Paul's style was sophisticated Americana; boyish and a little bit preppy.

Fitted Sweaters

Paul styled his sweaters to look carefree and youthful, never stuffy. The perfect preppy winter layer. On casual days, he chose a good-fitting sweatshirt, infinitely more stylish than a baggy hoodie.

Timeless Accessories

From a thick chain bracelet to stylish shades to an assortment of sporty watches to oversized belt buckles, Paul appreciated accessories with his traditionally manly and pared-back looks. He famously never went without a watch, and inspired a spike in sales of vintage Rolexes. Try a signet ring, but the Hud-inspired bottleopener on a chain might be a tough one to pull off.

Jacket Game

Paul wore the classics--bombers, trenches, puffers--but he also favored a good old corduroy jacket, like this one from Drake's. Don't forget a classic knit scarf.


From office Christmas parties to your girlfriend's family's fancy Thanksgiving dinner, 'tis the season to get your formalwear in order. Paul subscribed to the "less is more" ideal with effort expended on impeccable tailoring instead of trend-chasing. He favored classic loafers, straight leg trousers, and jackets with padded shoulders to suit his athletic frame. He often complemented his suits with a squared-off slim tie like this Otaa version (or a big ol' bow tie). If you're feeling extra daring, try a silk kerchief (wild rag anyone?).

T-Shirt Par Excellence

Add a classic cuff or chain, a good watch, and great shades, and you'll look better than anyone. BOY HOWDY vintage-inspired t-shirts would be Paul Newman-approved (we think).


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