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Classic American Romance Films to Watch on Valentine's Day

Our very favorite romantic American classics. Some of these might not be purely romance movies, but we still think they count. What's your favorite?


One of the best movies ever made. Just a classic in every way. If you've never watched it, now you know exactly what you're watching this Valentine's Day!

Singin' in the Rain

A cheerful, sweet, upbeat musical. Lots and lots of fun if you feel like a little more joy in your movie choice this February 14th.

The Philadelphia Story

There's really no one better than Katharine Hepburn.

High Noon

The original and ultimate "stand by your man" Western. In fact (if spoiler alerts are required on very old movies, then *SPOILER*), Amy (played by the inimitable Grace Kelly) is the only one left standing by Will (the heroic Gary Cooper) by the movie's end. One of the most elegant, fully-realized, iconic films in Western movie history.

Red River

Young John Wayne plays the earnest and heartbroken Thomas Dunson taking his first cattle drive across the Chisholm Trail.

The Sound of Music

In honor of the iconic Christopher Plummer, who passed away this week. He will always be "Captain Von Trap" to us.

Dances With Wolves

Cheesy? Yes. Extremely 90s in every way? Also yes. But Dances With Wolves is still one of the most romantic Westerns out there for its dreamy landscapes and cinematography.


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